We do

We are dedicated to guide you and drive with you on dirt roads, forest paths and especially off-road, to cross over mountains, streams, sand, rocks, mud, on all possible (and sometimes almost impossible…) terrains and under any conditions with one aim only: To explore the extraordinary Greek nature, reaching for places that few people can drive to and challenge man and machines to always go a bit farther; but foremost to enjoy the ride!

We try every track, cross any stream or river; we work on any ditch, remove any obstacles off our way, we use winches, straps, snatch blocks, chainsaws, high lifts etc., as well as lots of improvisation in order to reach our destination and collect valuable experience, but always with 2 parameters in mind:

  • We always put Safety First: Everything we do is properly calculated and professionally executed. We understand and respect the superiority of Nature and never put ourselves and guests at risk.
  • We preserve and protect Nature. We love Nature and our main objective is to introduce its beauty to our fellow offroaders without harming it. It is essential for us to leave no traces behind when interacting with the countryside.

We don’t get bored! The Greek countryside offers great diversity and huge contrasts in very small geographical areas. It takes for example two hours to reach a sandy beach from a snowed mountain peak! It takes less than that to travel from a dense forest to a rocky mountain! Or even from the chilly mountaintop to the warmth of the beach (and the welcoming beach-bar in the summer!). We always try to combine all of these contrasts and incorporate them in our tour schedule in the best possible way, in order to offer our guests an unforgettable experience.

We offer more than 4×4. We are in Greece and there is much more to explore. Greece is famous for its long history, which is lost in the mists of time. On our travels we have many opportunities to visit world-famous museums, famous cultural monuments and archaeological sites. Should you wish, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy several types of alternative activities, such as rafting, hiking, trekking, bird watching, horse-back riding, mountain biking, archery, rock climbing and others.

Last but not least, we offer 3 support vehicles. Our Jeeps, our loyal friends that guarantee the safety and mobility of the entire group are heavily modified and equipped machines that are able to take the front (…and the rear) of the expedition and assist even the largest group. Here is a description of them: