Pindos Cross Country

The tour, that all hardcore offroaders expected, has just arrived! One more level 2+ tour that was planed according to the participants expectations! 3 different regions were combined in a unique way, in order to deliver the most contrastful and diversified tour, of our tour line-up! The Evia island, the Iti mountains and the Pindos mountains! Various trophy trails, combined with infinite demanding offroad trails, amazing guesthouses throughout the tour and traditional hospitality! All of these components add up to the breathtaking landscapes, and result in an offroad tour that you will never forget! Hard teamwork is a must in this tour, as are knowledge, equipment and capable 4×4 vehicles! Pure adventure! Despite that, safety is our top priority.

Total distance on Greek ground: approx. 900 km tarmac roads (only on days 1, 5, 7 and 14), over 600 km offroad (on all days except of days 1 and 14)!

Recommended seasons: Spring (March, April, May, June), beginning of Winter (November, December).

Day 1:
  • Ferry boat arrival in Patra port.
  • Highway drive to Athens, and to the preagreed meeting point (220 km, partly under construction).
  • After group meeting we head directly to Pili, on Evia island. This is our first offroad-base.
  • This is the place where our first overnight stay takes place, in the Hotel Xenia Residence.

Days 2, 3 and 4:
  • The adventure is starting! Pure offroading in the surroundings! We will be exploring different trophy trails, we will try to connect abandoned forest tracks, we will try to conquer deep gullies and muddy trails, until we have found our limits!

  • Man and machine are working together as much as possible!

  • Though, the limits should never be exceeded! We all need to be fit at least for the next 13 days

  • There are also relaxing moments!

  • Safety and teamwork are top priorities!

  • The end of the 4th day finds us on the north side of Evia island, for our next overnight stay in the As you wish guesthouse, in Artemisio village!

Days 5 and 6:
  • We are leaving Evia island, and head to the mainland by a short ferry-boat ride. The Iti mountains are waiting for us!

  • This is another region where “Pure offroad” is normal!

  • Our overnight stays in the Iti mountains will be taken care by Vasilikia Farm! You are going to love it!

Days 7 and 8:
  • Today, we have to get started early in the morning. A 220 km long tarmac road leading us to the north, has to be left in the past, as fast as possible.
  • Arrival in Kakoplevri. At last, offroading goes on from here!

  • Until the end of this day, we should be reaching Krania village, and the Pindos Resort.

  • Sofia, is going to seduce us with her traditional cooking abilities! Local Greek specialities will fill our table and our senses!

  • We will be exploring another trophy trail in this area!

  • You can’t compromise when using recovery gear. It’s either the right way, or the “stay at home” way!

Day 9:
  • Our goal for this day is the small village Samarina.

  • But, never forget: The journey is the destination! We will make our way through the”Valia Calda”, the “Warm Valley”! The natural beauty of this area is not comparable to many other places, especially during springtime!

  • During our valley crossing, we wiill be confronted with offroad challenges! Either we make our way through the destroyed path, or we drive back about 34 km… Easy decision!

  • Guesthouse La Noi will be waiting for us, to offer a nice dinner and a relaxing night!

Day 10:
  • We continue our exploration to the north. We are going to try to make our way through a small rocky stream, in the region of Zouzouli. This can be quite interesting!

  • Tonights’ overnight stay, takes place in the village of Pirsogianni, in Guesthouse “Armoloi”.

Days 11 and 12:
  • We head further north, and leave completely the civilized world behind us. We will be crossing the peaks of the Grammos mountaintops (2.520 Meter high), all the way until close to the Albanian border line.

  • The “Dragonlake of Grammos” is a breathtaking trekking destination, at the height of 2.500 Meters! Small water creatures live here and look like small dragons! They are called Ichthyosaura alpestris!

  • This area is also a very interesting 4×4 destination, with many alternative tracks that offer a lot of exploration possibilities! It’s like a gigantic playground!

Day 13:
  • Our tour goes on, also with tarmac roads that offer amazing landscape views! It’s the start of our turn to the south, heading to civilization again… Unfortunately…

  • Today, we want to reach Papigo village. One of the most famous mountain regions, that really offers so much natural beauty! For most of the visitors, it is love on first sight!

  • As for the “Grande Finale” of our tour, we will enjoy a dreamlike overnight stay in Guesthouse Avragonio, where tradition meets discrete luxury!

Day 14:
  • Last day of this tour. We drive to Ioannina, in order to wash the vehicles professionally and have our farewell lunch. After that, drive to Igoumenitsa port (approx. 60 Km highway) for the travellers that leave the country in a ferry boat.

  • Dates on request.
  • Are you a group of min. 2 cars? Then you can get your own tour on your preferred dates! Contact us for details!

  • 2 persons (car, driver, 1 passenger, 13 overnight stays in double rooms and maisonettes with 2 seperate double rooms): 3.570,00 EUR
  • For groups from 3 4x4s (each 2 persons) we grant a discount of 300,00 EUR/4×4. Final price: 3.270,00 EUR/4×4 with 2 persons.
  • Please contact us about pricing for children and additional passengers!

Price structuring:
  • Included:
    • 1 fully equipped 4×4 support vehicle
    • VAT 19%
    • English speaking guide
    • Equipment list
    • Handheld VHF/UHF receiver for each participating vehicle
    • Complete safety equipment for a smooth and problem-free tour
    • All (13) overnight stays in top quality accommodations
    • Breakfast everyday, except of day 1
    • All toll costs on Greek roads
    • All tickets to all sights that will be visited
    • All pick-nicks (coffee, tea, snacks) throughout the entire tour
    • Maps and informational material for the corresponding route
    • USB Flash memory with tour pictures and videos (exchange during the last day)
    • Our unique “Tour implementation warranty”
    • Car – sticker, specially printed for the corresponding route
    • Absolutely no hidden expenses

  • Excluded:
    • All travel costs to and from the port or pre-agreed meeting point
    • All fuel costs
    • All other meals (breakfast and pick-nicks excluded)
    • All costs incurred by unavoidable disruption of the travel pattern (e.g. unplanned overnight stays because of breakdowns, bad weather, delays, etc.)
    • All vehicle repair, salvage, recovery costs that may emerge