Evia & 4 Mountains

Our new tour offers an 11-day adventure, which begins on Evia island and ends in the small town of Nafpaktos (close to the the port of Patra). It is a tour that has been fine tuned to the demanding hardcore offroader, but can also be modified into a lighter version, if needed, even during the tour. In total 8 overnight stays take place in free camps across the route. The selection of each camp is done on the spot by all group members. 2 more overnight stays take place in 2 different selected guesthouses which offer each one a very special accommodation. The tour, starts from central Evia, continues to the north of the island and moves to the mainland with a short (30 minutes) ferry-boat connection. From this point we start crossing the 4 mountains and mountainous regions of Iti, Giona, Vardoussia and Nafpaktia. These areas (together with Evia) are considered the Mecca of offroading in central Greece!

Total distance on Greek ground: approx. 400 km tarmac roads, over 400 km offroad!

Recommended seasons: Spring (March, April, May), beginning of Winter (October, November, December).

Day 1:
  • Ferry boat arrival in Patra port.
  • Highway drive to Athens, and to the preagreed meeting point (220 km, partly under construction).
  • After group meeting we head directly to our first free camp on central Evia Island for our first outdoor stay!
  • If timely possible, offroading will start that day!

DSC00182 (400x266)

Days 2, 3 and 4:
  • The adventure begins! Pure offroading in the surroundings! We will be exploring different trophy trails, we will try to connect abandoned forest tracks, we will try to conquer deep gullies and muddy trails, until we have found our limits!

  • Man and machine are working together as much as possible!

  • Though, the limits should never be exceeded! We all need to be fit at least for the next 10 days

  • There are also relaxing moments!

  • Safety and teamwork are top priorities!

IMG_2833 (400x266)

  • The end of the 4th day finds us in the northern part of Evia island for another free camping overnight stay!

DSC00257 (400x266)

Days 5, 6, 7 and 8:
  • We are leaving Evia island, and head to the mainland by a short ferry-boat ride. The Iti, Giona and Vardoussia regions are waiting for us!

  • Through the Sperchiada forest, over forgotten paths and trails…

IMG_3248 (400x266)

  • This is another region where “Pure offroad” is normal!

  • Our overnight stays in these regions will be taken care by the great open Nature! Together we will decide about the most suitable and beautiful locations to setup our camps!

IMG_2912 (400x266)

  • For our last overnight stay in the Vardoussia region, we will feel the hospitality of Dimitris and his guesthouse “Kastanies“!

Kastanies Guesthouse (400x392)

Days 9 and 10:
  • Today, we leave the Vardoussia region and head to the Nafpaktia mountains (offroad of course!).

DSC_0096 (400x266)
IMG_1878 (400x266)

  • Unlimited offroad trail alternatives get us to our next camp site!


  • You can’t compromise when using recovery gear. It’s either the right way, or the “stay at home” way!

Day 11:
  • Sadly, this is our last day together. Today we will reach the civilized world again. The small town of Nafpaktos will offer a nice farewell lunch at the miniature port with a beautiful view on the sea.


  • The port of Patra is 35 km away from here.

  • 1st fixed date: 18.10.2015 – 28.10.2015, still 3 participations available.
  • Further dates on request.
  • Are you a group of min. 2 cars? Then you can get your own tour on your preferred dates! Contact us for details!

  • 2 persons (car, driver, 1 passenger, 2 overnight stays in double rooms): 1.190,00 EUR
  • Please contact us about pricing for children and additional passengers!

Price structuring:
  • Included:
    • 1 fully equipped 4×4 support vehicle
    • VAT 19%
    • German and English speaking guide
    • Handheld VHF/UHF receiver for each participating vehicle
    • Complete safety equipment for a smooth and problem-free tour
    • 2 overnight stays in top quality and cosy accommodations
    • 2 times breakfast (only on guesthouse/hotel accommodations)
    • All pick-nicks (refreshments, snacks) throughout the entire tour, min. once a day
    • Availability of maps and informational material
    • 1 USB Flash memory with tour pictures and videos (exchange during the last day)
    • Car – sticker, specially printed for the specific route
    • Our unique “Tour implementation warranty”
    • Equipment list
    • Absolutely no hidden expenses

  • Excluded:
    • All travel costs to and from the port or pre-agreed meeting point
    • All fuel costs
    • Camping gear, food, supplies
    • All other meals (2 X breakfast and pick-nicks everyday excluded)
    • All costs incurred by unavoidable disruption of the travel pattern (e.g. unplanned overnight stays because of breakdowns, bad weather, delays, etc.)
    • All vehicle repair, salvage, recovery costs that may emerge