Tavropos Summer


The summer tour, that has a bit of everything: Offroad adventure, short Athens city tour, amazing beaches with crystal clear waters, riverbed offroading with riverside camping, breathtaking mountains, lakes, blooming nature, and all of this under the bright greek summer sun! It’s a journey through some of the most beautiful greek countryside landscapes, from the east coast to the west coast. With a difficulty level of 1+, it is a tour that most offroaders with a lightly modified vehicle and moderate experience, can follow. The combination of camping and guesthouse/hotel accommodations is the best match for experiencing offroad, nature, hospitality and of course the famous greek traditional kitchen!

Total distance on Greek ground: approx. 900 km tarmac roads, over 500 km offroad!

Recommended seasons: Summer (June, July, August, September).

Day 1:
  • Ferry boat arrival in Patra port.
  • Highway drive to Athens, and to the preagreed meeting point (220 km, partly under construction).
  • From the meeting point, directly to Athens downtown, in order to visit some of the most important cultural sites from the ancient greek history.

Parthenon - Athens (400X250)

  • Our overnight stay will take place in Hotel Anastazia, outside the city center, close to our meeting point.

Anastazia hotel - Drosia (400x171) 2

Days 2, and 3:
  • The adventure is starting! After a short drive to reach Evia island (bridge connection with the mainland), we head directly to the first beach, for a refreshing swim in the sea!

Evia - Kododespoti (400x266)

  • This is not a bad way to spend a day!

Thapsa (400x300)

  • Finding a beautiful campsite is our next activity! As we will do on the next day, after we have headed to the North!

Evia - Kokkinomilia (400x266)

Day 4:
  • We are leaving Evia island behind. A ferry-boat will take us to the other side, on the mainland (approx. 30 min.)!

Edipsos - Ferryboat (400x266)

  • The Iti mountain area with it’s highlands (and not only that), are expecting us to explore!

  • The Kallidromo lake offers an ideal pic-nic or campsite!

Kallidromo lake (400x266)

  • The forest gives us frequently pictures like this!

Iti 1 (400x266)

Kastriotissa - Evanthia (400x606)
Kastriotissa (400x300)

Days 5 and 6:
  • Today, we have to get started early in the morning. Our way leads us into the riverbed of Tavropos river! For the next 2 days we will be making our way through water and over rock!

Tavropos 7 (400x266)
Tavropos 5 (400x266)

  • The milky way looks closer from here!

Tavropos 1 (400x266)

  • Every location in this landscape could be the ideal campsite! Or ideal for swimming! Or both!

Tavropos 3 (400x266)
Tavropos 2 (400x266)

Day 7:
  • Today, we are leaving the extraordinary beauty of Tavropos riverbed. We continue our tour to the North, in order to reach and make a roundtour of the Plastiras lake!

Plastiras lake 3 (400x300)
Plastiras lake 2 (400x266)

  • In the evening we head to guesthouse Montanema, not far away from Plastiras lake!

Montanema village (400x266)

Days 8, 9 and 10:
  • In the following 3 days we will be making our way from the central mainland to the north-western mountainous territories of Pindos!

Agrafa mountains 1 (400x300)

  • The Agrafa mountains offer astonishing views!

Agrafa mountains 3 (400x266)

  • There are also a lot of beautiful campsites, too!

Agrafa mountains 2 (400x300)

  • As soon as we will pass the Theodoriana passage, we will have separated from the central mainland. The passage is something like an imaginary borderline!

Theodoriana passage (400x266)

  • Our trip goes on until we reach the village of Kalarites. This is where Mr. Napoleons’ traditional guesthouse is located. Traditional specialities from a hospitable host!

Kalarites (400X264)
Guesthouse Zaglis - Kalarites (400X250)

Days 11 and 12:
  • In Northern direction we continue over the Peristeri mountain to the Aoos reservoir!

Peristeri (400x300)
Aoos reservoir (400x266)

  • Our heading remains North. We make our way to the “Valia Calda”: The Warm Valley!

Valia Calda 2 (400x266)
Valia Clada 4 (400x266)

Days 13 and 14:
  • The tour through the mountains continues. Today we will visit 2 different traditionally built stone bridges, that stand in place since many hundreds of years. In order to do this, we will have to cross a river, but don’t worry, the waterlevel is low in the summer months!

River crossing Venetikos (400x300)
Krania - Bridges (400x266)

  • Tonight we will be camping in one of the most impressive and beautiful campsites of this tour, maybe of this country! The absolute mountaintop of the Liagouna mountain.

Liagouna sunrise (400x300)

  • Next stop, at the Vikos gorge! It is the deepest/narrowest gorge in the world!

Vikos gorge (400x300)

  • Our last, unforunately, accommodation is maybe the most beautiful place to stay in mountainous Greece! Guesthouse Avragonio, in Papigo village!

Papigo 1 (400x600)
Avragonio (400x600)

Day 15:
  • The last day, brings us to the city of Ioannina, for a deep carwash, and a farewell lunch, next to the picturesque lake of Ioannina! After that, the guests travel on their own to Igoumenitsa port (80km highway)

Ioannina (400x266)

  • 1st fixed date: 06.07.2016 – 20.07.2016.
  • Further dates on request.
  • Are you a group of min. 2 cars? Then you can get your own tour on your preferred dates! Contact us for details!

  • 2 persons (car, driver, 1 passenger, 5 overnight stays in double rooms and/or maisonettes): 2.600,00 EUR/vehicle.
  • For 4 persons families: 2.900,00 EUR/vehicle.
  • For groups from 3 vehicles (each 2 persons) we grant a discount of 150,00 EUR/vehicle. Final price: 2.450,00 EUR/vehicle with 2 persons.
  • Please contact us about pricing for children and additional passengers!

Price structuring:
  • Included:
    • 1 fully equipped 4×4 support vehicle
    • VAT 19%
    • English and german speaking local guide
    • Equipment list
    • Handheld VHF/UHF receiver for each participating vehicle
    • Complete safety equipment for a smooth and problem-free tour
    • All (5) overnight stays in top quality traditional accommodations
    • Breakfast on all accommodation overnight stays
    • Pick-nicks on all accommodation overnight stays
    • Maps and informational material for the corresponding route
    • SD-card with tour pictures and videos (exchange during the last day)
    • Our unique “Tour implementation warranty”
    • Car – sticker, specially printed for the corresponding route
    • Absolutely no hidden expenses

  • Excluded:
    • All travel costs to and from the port or pre-agreed meeting point
    • All fuel costs
    • All other meals (breakfast and pick-nicks excluded)
    • All costs incurred by unavoidable disruption of the travel pattern (e.g. unplanned overnight stays because of breakdowns, bad weather, delays, etc.)
    • All vehicle repair, salvage, recovery costs that may emerge