Prespa Lakes


The Prespa Scout Tour is giving it’s position to The Prespa Tour! Following an absolutely successful Scout Tour, we can now offer a standard tour that is the result of a combination of the best parts that have been scouted during the scout tour. Our guests will participate in an unforgettable journey through the Northern territories of our country and take home unique offroad experiences! Adventure, hospitality, landscapes, scenery, mountains, rivers, views, everything works together in order to deliver 10 days of finest offroad pleasure! With 1 camp and 9 accommodation overnight stays, that all take place in beautiful, cozy, hospitable places, it is a tour that offers relaxation between the full of offroading and new impressions and activities days! Just like on every Offroad Unlimited tour, there is the possibility to make changes to the daily program, in order to adapt the tours flow, to the guests mood! The offroad difficulty level is quite high, but can also be adjusted to fit the guests potential. Our main destination are the 2 Prespa lakes (this is where the name of the tour comes from), but the trip to the lakes and back again, is the big adventure! The 2 lakes offer a number of alternative activities that we can take advantage of, as this region is a nature reserve with flora and fauna species that can’t be found anywhere else on the world!

Total distance on Greek ground: approx. 700 km tarmac roads, approx. 500 km offroad! (approximate values)

Recommended seasons: Late spring and autumn (May, June, September, October, November).

Day 1:
  • Ferryboat arrival in Igoumenitsa early in the morning.
  • Self-driving to Dodoni-Mantio, to the agreed meeting point, “Hotel Mirtali” (approx. 70 km highway). We will be able to enjoy here a great breakfast, meet with each other and discuss about the plan!

Hotel Mirtali - 400x300

  • After breakfast, we will start our tour in northeast direction in order to reach the small village Prosvoro. This is the offroad part starting point!

DSC04064 mod (400x300)

  • We continue offroad over the ridge of the Taliaros mountain, to reach Eptachori.

DSC04072 400x300

  • Our first overnight stay will take place in Nea Kotili, in a guesthouse called “1450“. The name of this guesthouse comes from the altitude that it resides!

DSC04082 400x300
20160504_102818 mod 400x225

Day 2:
  • This will be a full day! After the breakfast in 1450, we will head northwest towards the village of Grammos, over some very nice offroad paths and small villages.

IMG_4411 400x266
IMG_4384 400x266
IMG_4403 440x266

  • We will pass Grammos and continue until we reach the hike trail which will bring us to the Gistova lake. It is a 1 hour hike to reach the lake, and it offers a breathtaking landscape with a beautiful picnic site! We are now at the 2.350 m altitude line!

Gistova lake - Grammos - 400x266
Dragonlake Gistova 400x265

  • Short break for pictures and picnic! Our descent starts, and after an hours hike we reach our vehicles. Now, straight back to Grammos as we do not want to miss the homemade dinner that Giorgos cooks at the “Grammos Lodge“. Our overnight stay will also take place here!

IMG_4477 mod 400x266
IMG_4483 mod 400x266

Day 3:
  • On this day we will be leaving the Grammos mountains through some beautiful and very interesting offroad trails. Our heading is north, close to the borderline, through impressive and full of contrasts landscapes!

DSC04102 400x215
DSC04108 mod 400x300

  • This is the evening that we reach our main destination for this tour: The Prespa lakes. We will be staying here for 2 nights. As it will be already late, we will directly check into the “Agios Germanos” guesthouse, in the homonymous village. Dinner is waiting for us and we wouldn’t want to miss it!

20160507_092344_HDR 400x300
IMG_4590 400x266
DSC04122 mod 400x300

Day 4:
  • The entire day is intended for the exploration of this unique region. There are many alternatives: Offroad, hiking, canoeing, birdwatching, sailing, and even more! The borderlines of 3 countries meet inside the waters of these lakes: Greece on the south, Albania on the west and FYROM on the north. As mentioned before, the entire region here is a natural reserve, but especially the lakes and their surroundings are a flora and fauna treasure, that is available for a mild exploration!

panoramic 1500x218
DSC04149 400x300

  • Unbelievably beautiful views and landscapes everywhere!

DSC04143 400x300
IMG_4613 400x266

  • We can also offer a special offroad trail for the so called “4×4 Petrolheads”. It is a difficult and interesting roundtrip-trail not far away from the lakes, that runs mostly totally offroad, on unmapped areas!

IMG_4625 mod 400x266
IMG_4637 mod 400x266
DSC04167 400x300

  • In the evening we will be enjoying the coziness and hospitality of our guesthouse and hosts!

Hotel Agios Germanos - 400x265

Day 5:
  • Another day full of offroading stands in front of us! Countryside full of contrasts, difficult offroad trails, but also perfect sites for a picnic or a short break with infinite views to the mountains!

IMG_4668 400x266
DSC04202 400x300

  • This time, in the afternoon we will have to find together a nice and safe place to setup our camp! The campfire will listen to all our stories, after dinner! Maybe the best time of a long day!

Campfire 1 400x266

Day 6:
  • It is time to leave the Vitsi peaks behind and head further to the east! We will have to overcome different difficulties on our way to Nimfeo!

IMG_4724 - Copy 400x266
IMG_4851 - Copy 400x266
IMG_4893 - Copy 400x266
DSC04218 400x300

  • The destination for our next 2 stays is now reached! Village Nimfeo and guesthouse “Nymphes” with it’s exemplary owner, hostess and cook, Ms. Eleni!

IMG_4817 mod 400x266
DSC04220 mod 400x300
DSC04229 mod 400x300
Guesthouse Nimfes 1 - 400x266
Guesthouse Nimfes 2 - 400x296

Day 7:
  • After having Elenis’ homemade breakfast you either need to walk or to keep sitting there and enjoying the view from the terrace!

IMG_4916 400x266

  • There is a large selection of activities for those that do not want to sit, but want to be active! Offroad, sightseeing and picnic at the small lakes of Zazari and Chimaditida, hiking, visit at the brown bear shelter “Arktouros”, or walk through the beautiful Nimfeo village!

IMG_4934 - Copy 400x266
IMG_4965 - Copy 400x266
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DSC04260 400x300
DSC04246 mod 400x300
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DSC04233 mod 400x300

  • This evening is our last chance to taste the specialities of Eleni! Tomorrow we will leave this beautiful region behind…

IMG_4789 400x266

Day 8:
  • Today, we will have to drive quite a distance, so we will make a part of it on tarmac road. We will reach the offroad trail round midday. The offroad starting point is close to Eptachori. From here we will try to reach Samarina village through the Zouzouli offroad trails, that are notorious for their muddy terrain in spring and late autumn!

IMG_1358 400x266
IMG_1364 400x266

  • Zoi and Manolis, owners of “La Noi” guesthouse, are waiting for us in Samarina, a village that is built at 1.400 m altitude! Good food, coziness, pleasant accommodation with a great view in the valley will keep us company until the next day!

IMG_1310 mod 400x266
IMG_1311 mod 400x266

Day 9:
  • Opposed to the day before, we will start our day with offroad! We will head south to reach the village of Armata. A small piece of tarmac road will get us to Pades village. We continue offroading until we reach the 1.900 m altitude line and the hike trail to the Dragonlake of Smolikas! After a 1-hour hike the Smolikas Dragonlake appears, giving us an amazing view of the area from 2.200 m altitude! Of course, a break for a picnic is a must in these surroundings!

DSC03194 mod 400x533
Dragonlake Smolikas 3 440x225

  • Following our beautiful hike, we drive south to Iliochori village. Here we can visit a waterfall that forms a pool which is absolutely inviting in the warm periods of the year, but only for the brave in the colder periods! As it is also a hike trail of about 30 minutes to the waterfall, those that do not want to take part, can rest in front of the 3.5 meters thick plane tree that proudly stands at the beginning of the hike trail!

Iliochori waterfall - 400x532
_MG_8351 400x266

  • Our trip goes on. Depending on time and mood, we will drive offroad or onroad towards our next accommodation! Guesthouse “Kadi” in Tsepelovo village!

Guesthouse Kadi - Tsepelovo 1 400x266

  • Dinner is served in the taverna “Mikri Arktos” directly in the beautiful main square of the village!

Taverna Mikri Arktos - Tsepelovo 400x300

Day 10:
  • Unfortunately, this is our last offroad day… The good part is that the beautiful villages, scenery and accommodations continue! Our next offroad trail brings us to Monodendnri and the famous gorge of Vikos! 950 m deep and only 1,2 km wide, you can find it in the Guinness book of records!

DSC04713 400x300

  • The main square of Monodendri offers a great opportunity for a quick refreshment or a traditional lunch under the plane trees!

_MG_8417 mod 400x266

  • Up and away to the next destination! We take the fastest route to Aristi. Under the bridge of Aristi is the starting point for our rafting tour in the Voidomatis river! A novice rafting tour in Europe’s cleanest waters!

IMG_8709 400x266
IMG_0485 400x266

  • The brave ones can jump inside the crystal clear waters, but they should keep in mind that the temperature is 5-7 degrees C independently from the season!


  • After the rafting tour we will be brought back to our vehicles. Another 20 minutes drive and we reach our last accommodation! The fairytale-like guesthouse “Avragonio“, in the fairytale-like village of Papigo!

IMG_7740 400x266
IMG_7810 400x600
20151016_135950 400x225

  • The “must” restaurant for our dinner in Papigo is called “Pantheon”! Voula and Tassos will take care of our needs in the best possible way!

_MG_6214 mod 400x266

Day 11:
  • Following the unforgettable experience of handmade breakfast from Georgia in Avragonio, we will start our way back to the so called “civilization”…

20151024_092232_HDR 400x300

  • The city of Ioannina will offer us a carwash and a great view to the Pamvotida lake during our farewell lunch! The port of Igoumenitsa is 80 km far away, on the highway.
Ioannina (400x266)

  • Dates on request.
  • Are you a group of min. 2 cars? Then you can get your own tour on your preferred dates! Contact us for details!

  • 2 persons (car, driver, 1 passenger), 9 overnight stays in double rooms and/or maisonettes): 2.200,00 EUR/vehicle.
  • For 4 persons families: 2.700,00 EUR/vehicle.
  • For groups from 3 vehicles (each 2 persons) we grant a discount of 150,00 EUR/vehicle. Final price: 2.050,00 EUR/vehicle with 2 persons.
  • Please contact us about pricing for children and additional passengers!

Price structuring:
  • Included:
    • 1 fully equipped 4×4 support vehicle
    • VAT 19%
    • English and German speaking local guide
    • Equipment list
    • Handheld VHF/UHF receiver for each participating vehicle
    • Complete safety equipment for a smooth and problem-free tour
    • All (9) overnight stays in top quality traditional accommodations
    • Breakfast on all accommodation overnight stays
    • Pick-nicks on all accommodation overnight stays
    • Maps and informational material for the corresponding route
    • SD-card with tour pictures and videos (exchange during the last day)
    • Our unique “Tour implementation warranty”
    • Car – sticker, specially printed for the corresponding route
    • Absolutely no hidden expenses

  • Excluded:
    • All travel costs to and from the port or pre-agreed meeting point
    • All fuel costs
    • All other meals (breakfast and pick-nicks excluded)
    • Rafting participation on day 10 (cost 30,00 EUR/Person)
    • All costs incurred by unavoidable disruption of the travel pattern (e.g. unplanned overnight stays because of breakdowns, bad weather, delays, etc.)
    • All vehicle repair, salvage, recovery costs that may emerge