We are

I am Nikos Kleopas. I was born in Athens 42 years ago and I have dual citizenship, (Greek comes from my father and German from my mother). I live in a northern suburb of Athens with my wife and two daughters.


My love for nature has always pulled me away from the city and about 20 years ago I discovered my passion for off-road driving. Since then, I am driving across the country exploring and mapping new tracks. Even the same areas are changing dramatically over the seasons, providing stunning images and unforgettable experiences.

My partners belong exclusively to my family and friend circle. Many years of close relationships have created a great team that will work to your benefit. Here are my most important partners:

My very good friend Agelos Marinis, is a talented offroad guide. His skills are constantly enriched by new experiences. He speaks fluently English and adequate German, he is very amusing and fun to be with, and his life long experience in team building and problem solving in hospitality is beneficial to the group!

My wife, Marina, takes care of the back office. She ensures that our schedule is kept, makes necessary adjustments and keeps the base manned during every tour!

My very good friend Vaggelis Koukis who is a qualified and highly talented car mechanic is responsible for correcting any technical problems, either on site or over the phone 24/7.

Furthermore, a respectable number of local partners, friends and contacts share with us their valuable experience and regional information throughout our entire journey. This has proven to be very useful especially in bad weather conditions, where warnings about closed roads or paths can only be obtained locally.